Faster Responses, Better Customer Experience.

With this extension, you can respond to customer inquiries more quickly thanks to AI.

All with full control at your fingertips.

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Great for individuals & Teams...

Effortless AI Responses

Say goodbye to manual response creation – AnswerEase’s AI-powered response generation lets you generate customer responses instantly, improving your productivity and workflow efficiency.

Your Personal Assistant

Revolutionize your customer service workflow with AnswerEase, the AI-powered response generation tool that streamlines your processes, saving time and increasing efficiency. With AnswerEase, you can generate accurate and personalized responses, automate routine tasks, and maintain consistent communication with your customers, all in one easy-to-use extension.

Streamline Your Customer Service with AI-Generated Responses.

 AnswerEase’s AI-powered response generation allows you to optimize your workflow and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up your team’s time to focus on more complex inquiries and providing high-quality customer service.

...and it completely crushes it in teams

Collect and Share Your Most Effective Messages

If you work with a team, Text Blaze can be a central database of your most effective emails, chats and other messages. Just create a shared folder and you can continually improve it together.

Works Everywhere You Work

Gmail, Google Docs, Office 365, Salesforce, Blackboard, Epic or any other site. Wherever you are in Chrome, the Text Blaze Chrome Extension is there to help you. If you ever find a site where Text Blaze doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll get it fixed ASAP.

A Better Way to Keep your Messages Consistent

Using a shared snippet folder, your team will always be hitting the exactly right notes in your messaging. Everyone’s snippets are updated automatically when changes are made, so everyone is always on the same page.

Welcome! AnswerEase runs in Google Chrome, FireFox Brave and any other browser for laptops, desktops.

We plan to add supportAndroid, iOS and other systems in the future. For now, please try AnswerEase in Google Chrome on a Laptop or a Desktop.

Faster Responses, Better Customer Experience.

“Love it! Saves loads of time and super easy to use.”
Sarah Johnson – Chrome Web Store
“Game-changer! Saves time, easy to use.”
Michael Lee – Chrome Web Store
“Can’t go back! Simple, intuitive, time-saving. Thanks!”
David Rodriguez – Chrome Web Store

AnswerEase saves over 28 hours per month

Productivity enhancements have led to savings of over $10,000 annually.

7 Million

AnswerEase users have sent over 7 million responses.


The extension results in an average productivity improvement of 11 times.


Rating on the Chrome Webstore

“AnswerEase’s top users have been able to efficiently handle high monthly response volumes, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.”